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7800 LASOS Argon Laser Replacement Photograph

7800 LASOS Argon Laser Refurbishment



Matching the original specifications, National Laser replacement tubes are fit, form, and function compatible with the original design of the 7800 laser. National Laser's replacement tube designs often result in improved performance and increased lifetimes over competitor's products.

When refurbishing an argon laser head with a new tube, the primary component of the laser is entirely replaced. In addition to replacing the laser tube with new material, National Laser inspects, and if necessary, replaces damaged components in the laser head in order to offer a new laser warranty.

Design Drawings

N61 Laser Head and Power Supply Drawings


















  • Superior Beam Quality
  • Low Noise
  • Internal Mirror Design
  • Extended Lifetime
  • Drop-in Tube Replacement
  • Exceptional Warranty


  • Photo Finishing
  • Flow Cytometry
  • DNA Sequencing
  • Confocal Microscopy

Operational and Physical Specifications

Product Specifications1,2,3 7800 7890    
Wavelength 454 / 458nm 514nm    
Output Power ≥4mW ≥10mW    
Spatial Mode TEMoo TEMoo    
M2 ≤1.3 ≤1.1    
Beam Diameter @ 1/e2 (mm) 0.69±5% 0.69±5%    
Beam Divergence (mrad) <1.1 <1.1    
Polarization Ratio >500:1 >500:1    
Beam Point Stability over 2 hrs ±30 µrad/±3˚C ±30 µrad/±3˚C ±30 µrad/±3˚C ±30 µrad/±3˚C
Power Stability over 2 hrs ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
Beam Position ±1.0 mm ±1.0 mm ±1.0 mm ±1.0 mm
Beam Angle ≤5.0 mrad ≤5.0 mrad ≤5.0 mrad ≤5.0 mrad
Noise Specifications  
@ 10Hz - 20MHz (rms) ≤1.5%
Operating Parameters  
Voltage (Universal Input) 200 to 240 VAC ±10%
Current 16 Amps Max.
Frequency 47-63 Hz
Phase Single
Environmental Specs  
4-40˚C (40-105˚F)
-30-60˚C (-22-140˚F)
Humidity (no condensation)
0 to 90%
0 to 100%
Altitude 0-3000m (0-9,800ft)
Shock (11msec) 25g
Laser Head Weight
(std, lrg fan)
11.1, 12.4 lbs
(5.03, 5.62 kg)
Air Intake
(standard/remote cooling5)
450 / 250 CFM
Air Intake Clearance 3.8cm (1.5in)
Warm-up Period 10 minutes
Physical Specifications  
Laser Head Dimensions 17.904" x 6.071" x 7.733"
Power Supply 11" x 6.38" x 5.58"
Laser Head Weight 19.5 lbs (8.9 kg)
Remote Cooling Weight 14.5 lbs. (6.6 kg)
Power Supply 7 lbs. (3.18 kg)



  1. Specifications subject to change without notice.
  2. When used with LGN 7872-01 power supply.
  3. Measurements taken in light control after 5 minute warm-up.

LASOS Company Background

The LASOS argon laser is the “workhorse“ in many applications in biophotonics especially when used for fluorescence excitation. Its ability to emit several wavelengths simultaneously results in an unbeatable price-performance ratio. LASOS argon lasers cover a broad spectrum with emission in the blue and green spectral range, with wavelengths in the range of 454 nm to 514 nm, in single-wavelength and multi-wavelength versions. All laser tubes have an internal mirror vacuum-tight hardsealed and integrated resonator construction optimizing life time and power stability.

The LASOS argon laser modules are compact, economical and available with several cooling options. The lasers are designed for multipurpose solutions in scientific and OEM applications such as confocal laser scanning microscopy, DNA sequency, flow cytometry, analytical chemistry, fast-flow-rate particle measurements, digital imaging, medicine, basic research or entertainment.

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7800 LASOS Argon Laser - Spec Sheet



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The NLC 7800 LASOS Argon Laser Refurbishment Are 'Fit, Form and Function Compatible' with the Original Design of the 7800 Laser.