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Key Team Members of National Laser Company

The following individuals represent some of our skilled and laser credentialed experts at National Laser Company. Each is passionate about laser technology and committed to serving our customers.

National Laser Founder

George - Chief Technology Officer

Co-Founder of National Laser Company.  Geoerge has thirty five years of experience inthe design and manufacture of lasers and laser equipment.  He is the innovator of the laser replacement process and the inventor and/or co-inventor of several laser patents.



National Laser Executive

Steve - Engineering Manager

Steve has been directing, designing and developing laser products for more than 30 years. He provides engineering on production fixtures and new laser manufacturing methods.



National Laser Executive

Kevin - Electronic Engineer and Project Manager

Kevin oversees new technology development and has been researching, developing, and designing new laser products at National Laser Company for 15 years.



National Laser Employee

Dave - Product Development Engineer

Dave is an expert in laser product compliance. He has been expediting the development of laser products, components, processes and controls for over 12 years at National Laser Company. 



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Kevin - Production and Engineering Specialty Technician - Educator

With more than 30 years experience bringing engineering ideas to life, Kevin is an expert in all phases of laser tube development and manufacture.



National Laser Technician

Robin - Quality Control Specialist

Robin has been with National Laser Company for over 15 years, maintaining quality control systems for finished products.




National Laser Staff Member

Ruben - Production Supervisor

Ruben is certified in all phases of laser tube development and has served as coordinator of laser tube manufacturing for over 10 years at National Laser Company. 



National Laser Technician

Vince - Production & Engineering Specialty Technician

For over 12 years at National Laser Company, Vince has been completing our technical engineering and production projects. He has a BS in Electronic Engineering Technology.



National Laser Technician

Andrew - Processing Specialist

Andrew is a specialist in manufacturing laser tubes and optical components and has been with National Laser Company for over 10 years.




National Laser Technician

Bill - Shipping Logistics

For more than 10 years, Bill has coordinated the laser product shipments to all of our customers.




National Laser Lab Tech

Mary - Laser Installation Technician

Mary has been with National Laser Company for almost 10 years, specializing in argon laser tube installation.




National Laser Technician

Felicia - Laser Assembly Technician

For almost 10 years at National Laser Company, Felicia has been assembling intricate electrical laser and wiring components.



National Laser Technician

Buffy - Laser Technician

As a Laser Technician, Buffy has been testing laser tubes and electrical component integrity for nearly 10 years at National Laser Company.



National Laser Technician

TJ - Production Supervisor

Certified in all phases of laser head repair and refurbishment, TJ has been coordinating laser head manufacturing over 5 years at National Laser Company.



National Laser Technician

Lisa - Mechanical Designer/Drafter

Lisa is a Certified Design Drafter and has been creating detailed engineering drawings for over 5 years at National Laser Company. 



National Laser Technician

Vladimir - Welding Technician

As a Welding Technician, Vladimir has specialized in welding precision laser tube parts for almost 5 years at National Laser Company.




National Laser Technician

Todd - Solid State Laser Supervisor

With an advanced Electronics Degree, Todd has been coordinating the manufacture of Solid State lasers for 2 years at National Laser Company.




National Laser Technician

Claudio - Solid State Laser Technician

Claudio is a specialist in Fuji laser repair and replacement processes.




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