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Showa 210 Argon Laser

Lasos Lasertechnik Air-Cooled Argon-Ion Laser Repair

Matching the original specifications, National Laser replacement tubes are fit, form, and function compatible with the original design of the 7800 Series of lasers. National Laser's replacement tube designs often result in improved performance and increased lifetimes over competitor's products.

When refurbishing an argon laser head with a new tube, the primary component of the laser is entirely replaced. In addition to replacing the laser tube with new material, National Laser inspects, and if necessary, replaces damaged components in the laser head in order to offer a new laser warranty.

All Repairs Include the Following:

  • Laser head is cleaned
  • Laser head is inspected and components are replaced as necessary, i.e. fans, hour meters
  • All wiring, cables, and connections are inspected and repaired
  • All optical components are inspected and cleaned
  • A new laser tube is installed and aligned
  • Laser is burned-in
  • Laser is thoroughly tested to insure it meets or exceeds original specifications including:
  • Power and photocell calibration
  • Beam position and Alignment
  • Beam mode and quality
  • Optical noise
  • Polarization orientation and ratio

We Repair These Lasos Lasertechnik Models

Lasos Lasertechnik LGK 7801 Argon Laser Refurb (Rectangular Package)
Lasos Lasertechnik LGK 7872 Argon Laser Refurb (Rectangular Package)
Lasos Lasertechnik LGK 7877 Argon Laser Refurb (Rectangular Package)
Lasos Lasertechnik LGK 7880 Argon Laser Refurb (Rectangular Package)
Lasos Lasertechnik LGK 7890 Argon Laser Refurb (Rectangular Package)



All repairs include a no-hassle warranty.

Contact us here or call 801-467-3391

PDF Downloads

7890 Lasos Lasertechnik Argon Laser - Spec Sheet

7890 Lasos Lasertechnik Argon Laser - User Manual



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The NLC Lasos Air-Cooled Argon-Ion Laser is Fit, Form and Function Compatible with the Original Design of the 7800 Laser.