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I want to take this opportunity to give a testimonial of the positive and professional relationship I have had in dealings with National Laser Company.

National Laser approached Xerox Corporation with their internally mirrored laser tube design as a superior replacement for the laser tube Xerox was using at the time. The decision was made to use the National Laser design and they worked diligently to achieve a seamless changeover. Based on their performance, National Laser eventually assumed the remanufacture of the entire assembly for Xerox Corporation.

National Laser worked with Xerox Corporation to remanufacture a laser diode ROS. The National Laser personnel reverse engineered the assembly to gain an understanding of inherent weaknesses, recommended improvements and provided in depth failure analysis with Pareto charts.

Allan R. Schichtel, Engineering Specialist
Xerox Corporation
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USA Today

I would like to take this time to express my many thanks and appreciation to the National Laser (NLC) team. For the past nine years, NLC has provided outstanding service to USA Today. NLC has certainly helped us make USA Today a success by providing to us a large number of quality lasers at a reasonable cost. NLC quickly met our unique customizing needs and developed a Genesis IV plasma tube modification for our existing SP-162 heads. We then populated our network with SP-162 units, refurbished with NLC Genesis IV plasma tubes. We have seen a very good life expectancy from these units. The average is about 12 to 15 thousand hours. In some cases, we have seen up to 22,895 hours on a laser. That is more than four years worth of time on these lasers.

 I also appreciate the flexibility offered to us by NLC. The current storage plan has saved us a lot of space and makes for a quick turn-around of units slated for repair. Also, your willingness to use our QC outline and check-off list helped us minimize and eventually eliminate our incoming QC checks.

With our ne DTP system, we will be using solid-state diode 100mW 532nm lasers. As soon as I can get my hands on one, I will call you. I currently believe we may be able to replace the diodes in the lasers. The laser unit contains a piezoelectric modulator and the laser diode. I plan to set up a bench jig to allow alignment of the diode within the laser unit, therefore allowing the replacement of a defective diode, at a significant cost savings, compared to the cost of the complete assembly. I will stay in touch with you on this as I make more discoveries and gain more information.

Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Wayne Collins, Laser Engineer
USA Today

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Amersham Pharmacia Biotech

When we started to do business with NLC, I was a little bit nervous that the quality and delivery times would not meet our expectations. We had some bad experiences with our first argon laser supplier. Everything turned out very well and looking back, the switch over to NLC and Optelectra saved us from a lot of problems and cut down the total cost for the 488nM lasers.

I liked very much your company and the employees I met during our audit. I thank you all for your help.

Very best regards and I hope that we will be doing business in a larger scale in the future!

Jan Nilsson, Laser Engineer
Amersham Pharmacia Biotech



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